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XtraLam 46H om lamineerjobs af te werken

XtraLam 46H Aucune traduction disponible.

The Xtralam H series of double and single sided laminators allows you to do all possible kinds of lamination with just one ultra compact flexible machine at a really attractive price!

  • Single sided thin film/thin substrate
  • Single side thin film/thicker substrate with double sided print
  • Double sided thick film medium to thick substrate encapsulation
  • Cold film pressure sealing

The XtraLam has a totally new de-curling system with 2 distinct types of de-curler. A unique variable height rotating roller for de-curling of thicker stock with absolutely no scratching of the inner side, perfect for digital print. A variable height de-curling bar for sharper de-curling of thin stock that usually can’t be de-curled properly. A bypass for straight through flow of double sided laminate. This, coupled with the best quality of soft silicone rollers, will absorb any digital print height variance on the sheet and eliminate bubbling. Make no mistake! This industrial duty machine is probably the best that money can buy and is made in the most modern production facilities.


  • All the laminators feature high spec silicone rollers which are far better than natural rubber rollers found on cheaper machines. The advantage of the silicone rubber rollers is that they are more conforming to the thickness of the digital print (yes digital printer toner and ink has a definite thickness that makes the surface of the sheet irregular) and better presses the laminate to the substrate. This is because the silicone rubber gives a little to take up the irregular surface and gives a more equal pressure to the film, reducing the incidence of bubbles under the film*
  • The machines all are robustly built with heavy roller steel cores, heavy side frames and heavy duty drive motors and electrics
  • Quick warm up time
  • The laminate rolls are easily mounted to the roller shafts which can adapt to several core sizes
  • The finished products is outfed by the secondary feed rollers
  • The film web tension is controlled by the tension rollers
  • The mandrel turning resistance (tension on the film) can be adjusted
  • The roller spacing can be adjusted by knob to many positions for different thickness of substrate to 0.6 mm, the top roller is held down by spring pressure on to the laminate
  • The control panel is easy to understand and allows you to adjust temperature, feed speed, forward or back motion, according to the substrate and film requirements. The last settings are memorized for your convenience
  • The infeed of the film web is easy and straightforward
  • The infeed area is guarded
  • There is a adjustable left side guide on the infeed table to align the substrate to be fed into the rolls
  • A reverse function is also included
  • A optional corner rounder with 2 diameter punch tools is available to finish the process
Lam 46H
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