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XtraLam 6 roll pouch laminator

XtraLam 6Aucune traduction disponible.

Make no mistake, these pouch laminators are unlike any other you have ever used! They are made in the world’s most advanced pouch laminator factory, to the highest precision and quality standards.

When we talk of fast we mean blindingly fast: On the 10 roll (unique in the world) you may process at up to 4.3 m/min., that’s about 50% more than the best speed of other machines. Also due to the unique 10 roll construction you will get up to 50% more heat (1300 contact Watts) on one pass than with a 6 or 8 roller machine. More heat means better sealing and a smoother finish. The 10 roller unit has a special extra pair of outfeed rollers meaning that the pouch will never get stuck in the exit of the machine: no jams! Both units have are fitted with a unique anti-static bar to stop the pouch wanting to curl around the 1st set of rollers as tends to happen on ordinary machines.

Both units are made using the most flexible silicone rollers to take up any height difference in digital print and wipe out bubble formation. The surface finish of the rolls will tend to repel overspill glue and keep them clean for longer. Full digital control and display tell you the exact speed and temp in real time. During full temperature operation the covers will remain cool due to the internal fans drawing away the heat out of the back of the unit.

The 6 roll machine will suit the lighter budget and offers the best in class heat production and sealing capacity in a 6 roll machine with speeds to 1.3 m / min.

Lam 6